To go straight to either listen to my music or read my music blog then please use the buttons below. If you want to read a bit about how music has been involved in my life then please read the short paragraphs below:

From about the age of 16 to 25 playing music was probably my main love. Forgetting a few short lived projects I was in 3 main bands: The Darck, Nevertheless & Too Many Words.

During these 9 years it went from practicing in a garage to releasing good old 80s cassette singles, albums and playing the music venues on the London circuit such as the Rock Garden as well as some outdoor festivals.

The problem with trying to track down the music is that I am only left with audio cassette versions and no master reels. It would be great to re-master from the original recordings so if they are out there please let me know! In the meantime I am trying to convert from audio cassette to MP3, the trouble is that the quality is not great and not really good enough to post here, however I'm working on it and hope that some of the old material will start appearing on the site in the next few months.

Even just thinking about the music I was involved in has given me a bit of an appetite so I purchased Apple's Studio Logic so that I can start to learn how to use it and hopefully start to turn out some new music as well - watch this space!!!

28 January 2010: New music track - World Still Turning - added on myspace.
21 February 2010 - New song - Lust - added to myspace.