This page contains copies of most of the paintings and drawings I have created in my life that are still in my possession. Where possible I have included a few notes to let you know what medium it was painted in and where possible an idea of the date it was painted. If I can remember the inspiration or any reference from where the image/design came from then I have added this as well.

Whilst most of my earlier works are with traditional mediums such as pencil, ink or acrylics the recent works are almost entirely digital. Increasingly my interest is with portraits, examples of which you will see in the digital section of the gallery.

I am now confident enough with the reproduction to offer a portrait commissioning service. If you are interested then please email me through the CONTACT US page of this website to discuss timings, costs and reproduction options....

All pictures shown here are available as prints in various formats so please contact me if you are interested.

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My watercolour paintings are a bit scarce on the basis that I struggle with the medium. I much prefer mediums that allow you to work over and over parts of the painting until you are happy. Yet watercolour is the total opposite where you seem to get just one go at each brush stroke. Unfortunately I love the look of watercolour so I keep getting drawn back every 5 years or so to try again. The result has only been a handful of half decent results, this is probably the best and was either drawn from a photograph or a tutorial...



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