Over the next few months I hope to gather here all the writing I have done in my adult life. This encompasses a completed novel, a large collection of short stories and a screen play.

There are 2 other forms of writing that I have included elsewhere in the website rather than list them directly in this section. They are:

Armchair Theatre. This is where I have edited some classic stories into plays to be performed by you, your friends or family in the comfort of your own home.

The Hacker. This a regular column I write about another of my passions - golf. 

As ever your feedback and comments are always welcome....

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Treasure Island

Your chance to perform one of the greatest adventure stories ever written in your own home. From the comfort of your armchair or around the dinner table you, your friends and/or family get to tell the story of Long John Silver.... NO actions or acting required - speech only!

Speak out the extraordinary play for yourselves from the comfort of your armchairs - no actions required!


There is more information on Armchair Theatre HERE.


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